Company Monitor Roles

All about the company monitor roles and the features they provide.

In summary, the roles and their features are: 

Company Checker Manager - All rights to the company checker and can change who the Current Account Manager is on a company

Company Checker User - Can view and add companies

Company Checker Viewer - Can only view the companies they have been assigned

If you give a team member one of these roles, the table below show the access they will have for the company checker.

CAM - Current Account Manager of a company. Only one user can be assigned to one company at any time. A Company Checker manager can change the CAM on a company and assign it to another user. 

Users with the manager role will be able to assign companies to any user. They will also be able to see all companies that are in your company portfolio and add new companies to the portfolio.

As a company checker viewer, you will be able to create custom lists but you will only be able to add companies that you have access too.  
You will be able to search for companies across the portfolio, and if that company is already in the company portfolio but with another CAM, you must contact the CAM to request a report if necessary. 

As a company checker user, you can add companies to the checker and mark them as clients or prospects. The only thing you cannot do is view all companies in the portfolio or view and amend a CAM's lists.