How do I create a custom company monitor filter?

Only want to see the companies you are managing? Follow the below to set up a simple filter to help you navigate easier.

Company Checker custom filters are to help you manage you customers effectively. Custom filters are created to help you only see the companies you wish to manage without seeing the rest of your companies checks. 

On Company Checker > Filters there is the 'Manage Filters' option, click here to begin setting up your filters.

Any filters you wish to add, click New Filter.
Any filters you wish to edit, select from the drop-down.

Adding a filter is as simple as adding a name, and a few configuration settings:

Give your filter a name, a description (optional), and tick either options. If you want other users to be able to see your filter, then un-tick the 'Only you are allowed to see this filter'.
Making a filter your default, means every time you load the Company Checker you will see your list, however, this can be removed in the filter options, so you still will be able to the full list or change to other filters.