How do I remove a team member from Brisk?

If an employee has left the company and you need to remove their access to Brisk, you can do this following this guide.

Brisk is not responsible for the handling of user management within our app. This is to be done by a company admin within our application.

Go to the top right menu > Click Manage Users.

If you do not have this menu item visible, you do not have access to perform this action. You will need to get in contact with your company admin on Brisk (who would have added you onto the system) and ask them for permission to manage users.

Find the user in question and there should be 3 buttons;

Click delete and you will be prompted are you sure? Click yes, and then this user is deleted.

If this user has added any companies to the company checker, they may be assigned as the current account manager. This will prompt you to re-assign these companies to another user to look after these.