How do I set up my Company Settings on Brisk?

Adding your company logo and setting up you Time-off feature

Company Settings within Brisk are the global settings across your entire company. Ideally, you will only need to look at these when you first set up Brisk and then rarely have to change these.

From the right hand side menu, click "Company Settings". (If you are company administrator, you will have access to this).


Company Settings


From here, you can upload your logo which will appear in the top left hand corner next to your company name.

Next are time-off settings. Ideally, these need to be configured before you enter any company employees so their holiday settings will be correct when you add them.

You can either set your holiday year to run by employee start date or a fixed start date.
For example, fixed start date could be "01/01". Meaning your holiday starts from 1st January and runs until 31st December.
A default number of days holiday can be set on either of these settings. This can be changed by each employee if necessary in their team members settings.