How to set up the Company Monitor to work with Managers, Users, Viewers?

If you only want people to view the company monitor but not add, but a manager to maintain Current Account Managers, all of this can be done within Brisk.

The company checker feature can be used to manage your client base and prospects. The introduction of user roles, outlined here, will help you administer company lists for Account Execs, Account Handlers etc.

In Brisk, each company is now assigned to a Current Account Manager (CAM), and the only people that can view the companies once assigned are the CAM and their managers.
If you add a company, this will automatically be assigned to you. Companies added will automatically be given the tag PROSPECT.

Users with the manager role will be able to assign companies to any user. They will also be able to see all companies that are in your company portfolio and add new companies to the portfolio. 

Notifications about any changes to a company will be sent to the CAM associated to the company.
There is now an option to have a weekly digest of changes that have occurred in the portfolio.
In addition to this, company checker managers will be able to receive a weekly digest email showing the changes to each of their assigned company checkers users/viewers portfolio.

When adding/modifying a user, you can now assign a team leader to that user. If left blank, they do not have a team leader. If they have a team leader, the team leader will get notifications about company changes they are associated with.
If you delete a user that is assigned as CAM to a number of companies, before deletion, you will have the option to re-assign those companies to a new user. After this, deletion will then be possible.