What do I need to give my user so they can see the relevant data?

Not sure what user roles & permissions you need to give your team members & employees when adding them into Brisk? Follow our simple role summary based on the sections within Brisk.

We've tried to make Brisk as flexible as possible so as an employer you can give them access to as much or as little of Brisk. For example, If you don't want them to see the company finances or Profile, but need access to Compliance, then this can be done.

On your Manage Users page, you have a permissions section which will open the "Manage permissions" modal.
Most of these sections go in line with the side menu - For example, Financial tick box links to viewing the Financial section on the left.

Company Administrator:
This will give the user ALL access and they will also get all company emails from Brisk.

Company Management:
This includes Managing team members within Brisk & their permissions, Access too subscription & billing, Company settings which are your global settings across the company such as default days of holiday, company logo etc. Manage partnerships will give the user access to the partnerships screen where they can set up companies to share data with and vise versa.

Company Profile - Your Companies Company Profile:
So your user can view your companies report, directors, timeline etc.

So your user can either see the financial section on Brisk or not.
So your user can either see the Operations section on Brisk or not.
People Manager - People:
Gives the user basic access to booking holiday & absence requests.
People Manager - Holiday Approver:
If this user can approve/reject employees holidays, then give them access.
Gives access to the cyber & email breaches section within Brisk. Please note; There are paid for features within this section that all users will be able to view with this role.
Gives access for users to see your online reputation from the likes of Google, Facebook etc.
Gives access to the Insurance page within Brisk where users can set up current policies to share with brokers. 

Company Checker: 

Company Checker Manager:
Gives this user all access to all companies across your companies company checker portfolio. They can re-assign Current Account Managers and manage their teams.
Company Checker User:
Gives the user access too add companies and see the companies they are assigned to as Current Account Manager.
Company Checker Viewer
Can only see companies assigned to them.

Holiday & Absences:
Currently the same as People Manage - People.